There are various methods of backing up your vital data, these methods include:

  • Onsite Hard Drive Backup

Onsite backup is suitable for some‚ businesses because they like to have a physical backup, this can be a good method of backing up but has its limitations such as storage capacity and faulty devices (If the hard drive is taken offsite and damaged)

  • Offsite Remote Server Backup

This is a good method of backing up if you have a‚ multi-site business. The selected files will be transmitted via the internet and stored in your specified second location. These files can be‚ restored should you require them. A constraint with this is that not everyone has a second site and also this is limited to your physical‚ business locations.

  • Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is exactly that, your files are sent up in to the cloud (using the internet) and stored in a secure location, usually hosted by a specialist company with multi layer encryption and global replication,‚ this means should something happen to one of their servers, your data would be safe‚ as there are several copies on servers around the world. You can access your data at any time and restore it as and when needed.‚ Successful cloud backup is‚ dependant on your internet speed, especially if you are backing up a lot of data in real time.

  • Data Replication (Live or Retrospectively)

Replication or ‘Sync’ programs as they are sometimes known copy data from one location to another. Using this method you could backup to a hard drive, pen drive, CD or pretty much anywhere that you wanted to. To restore is easy and normally within a couple of clicks. Limitations could be damaged devices and/or you could experience file locking (this is when two programs try to read the same file at once and one receives an error).

The backup method that you choose will depend on a few key factors:

  1. How much do you need to backup?
  2. How good is your internet connection? (click here to test the speed of your connection)
  3. The type of data that you wish to backup?
  4. The type of restore procedure required?


Website backup is something that is quite often overlooked, our seamless backup solution is robust and will provide 90 days of daily backups and revision history.

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